Ramadan 2019

Ramadan Mubarak...

This year I have kept the decor really simple, I have hung up the bags I talked about in my last post with a golden moon I made myself and I used 2 pieces of our Grimms natural wooden rainbow to represent the moon. I love the simplicity and still believe that less is more on all occasions. 

I have added Ramadan, moon, star and cultural themed books to the kids book wall in their bedroom.

I can't resist a bit of a moon and star garland which I got from a random seller on ebay.

I added a chalk wall to change up seasonally and the kids have been going wild on it. I added some wooden stars I kept from a few years back which I generally use in Winter, but it's perfect for Ramadan.

I have simplified the reading nook under the closet to encourage more snuggles, reading and learning about the holy month.

I didn't go ahead with the wooden house as it just seemed too extra, so I went ahead with a "Dua bag" instead which is from Anthropologie's Christmas collection. I have folded up all the duas needed for Namaz + a few extra and placed them inside the bag to learn as we go along.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I have placed a few Ramadan themed decor pieces in our humble home.

Wishing you all a blessed month inshAllah. xXx


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