Bourjois Rose D'or..

The perfect golden peachy pink blush.

I purchased this blush from Boots last week, I have had a few from Bourjois in the past but to me they all seemed the same until I discovered Rose D'or. (Price approx £7.49)

Like all Bourjois brushes, this comes with a brush. I threw my brush in the bin as it's so scratchy!

Forget the brush, onto the product.

  • It reminds me a little of Nars 'Orgasm' blush but nicer and it's like a much more pinker version of Mac 'Stereo Rose' it has the same sort of dimension.
  • It's more pink than peach and has beautiful finely milled golden specks of glitter. The glitter doesn't really translate on the face unless inspected with a magnifying glass.
  • It adds a beautiful natural flush that really makes the cheeks glow.
  • I used to love bright pink blushes, but now I prefer the more subtle hues, this one is perfect for everyday.
  • It's pigmented, smooth and easily blendable.
  • Great compact packaging which includes a mirror inside.
  • This blush smells beautiful, it has a soft floral scent, but I am a bit rubbish with finding the correct descriptive words, so give it a sniff yourself!
  • A problem that can occur over time with this blush and any baked blush is that once the oils from your face transfer onto the brush and into the product repeatedly it can cause it to frost. This makes the pigmentation virtually dissapear, to avoid that you can scrape a layer off.
Swatches below in different lighting.

Next time you see a Bourjois counter, give this a swatch! I would say paler skin tones should use a light hand and darker skin tones can pile it on.

What do you think of this shade?

P.S - I will try to do a fotd next with this, I have dyed my hair darker with a semi permanent dye, and got a couple of winter warmers.


I have this blusher in the same shade. I think the colour is really really pretty, possibly my favourite blush colour in my whole collection, but what annoys me personally is the pigmentation, I find I have to press my brush in really hard and swipe alot of times to get a decent amount to come off. Nice review :) x
Muhsine Emin said…
@Fern It's very pretty, I think that as it's a baked blush when you transfer oils from your face onto the brush then into the product repeatedly the product begins to frost, you should scrape a layer of it off to reveal a more pigmented fresh layer. x
EllysMakeupbag said…
I love that shade, in fact i bought this blush when i was 17! It was my first ever blush...but the pigmentation isnt amazing.
wow, thanks for that tip, i never looked at it like that. I suppose I have had it for quite a while so yes, that makes sense :) x
Nicola said…
I absolutely love this shade, I went through a period a couple of years ago when this was the only blush I wore - and I agree, it has a beautiful scent! xx
Nono said…
Such a coincidence. I bought this exact colour today. Like it so far!
LaaLaa said…
Ohh this looks gorgeous.

I must take note and check it out next week :o)

Thanks M

Εvi said…
Bourjois must have changed the product's formulation along with the new packaging- I bought mine 6-7 years ago and it's not that great... Poor pigmenation with chunks of gold glitter :(
kay eh tea ei. said…
I LOVE bourjois blush pots, they're so lovely. I have one similar to this, but not as illuminating so definitely going to be getting this!
Thanks for the post :)
I bought this blush not long ago and it's fast become my favourite - I can't get enough of Bourjois makeup at the moment!
Great review :)
Muhsine Emin said…
@cbsg5861 Maybe? They have changed their eyeshadw formulations, maybe they have done this one too, not sure but anyhow my pot is amazing, swatch it next time to compare. xx
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Hi lovely! Long time no read!
I own three blushes from Bourjois and this is by far the best one.
I kind of like Bourjois makeup products. I heard it is owned by Chanel?
On a different side note, I would love to know your opinion about some books I have just purchased. I think you would particularly love one called "Vintage Tips for Style" as it reminded me of you from the very beginning! The reviews are on my blog.
Lots of love,
Anonymous said…
I loved this one but totally hated the scent! Too strong that even when on I could smell it. Really badly. I gave it to my mum. XXX
Lilit said…
Oooh I love this colour. I used to have it when I was younger but swithed to other blushes because the pigmentation was a bit rubbish. But I love the smell... it's a lovely sweet kind of floral.
I love Bourjois blushes! I've tried Rose D'or and it's such a gorgeous colour. At the moment I'm using Lilas D'or which I think is very similar but has more pink undertones. The brush is absolutely awful though!

Recently I've been really impressed with the quality of Bourjois products, they seem to improve each time I repurchase them!
i've been wanting to try this for a while now. thankfully, bourjois is available in canada. i just have to find out where :p.
Marguerite N. said…
I think that this colour is very gorgeous. Every blorjois' product is awesome. I love this brand but I live in Italy and I have forced to order online, but not all of them have all products.

Great post. ;)
Next said…
It is truly beautiful color, this brand of makeup is cosmetic like me.
Greetings from Spain.
I love this colour, but I use it as a eyeshadow, mixed with a little amber lights to enhance the gold, it looks so nice with brown liner & then mascara :)
i love bourjois' blushes too! i have lilas d'or and rose coup de foudre, i'd say this shade of yours would be ecatly between those two (the 1st has gold glitter, and the 2nd gives a pinkish glow which is purrfect for everyday).. i'd suggest you give rose coup de foudre a swatch when you grab a chance :)
It looks like a raspberry macaroon! :) I love Bourjois blushes and eye shadows - they are like toys and always so pretty. :)
I am still curious to see what look you did on new years eve. I've been wondering how you used the glitter on your eyes. I just recently bought a blue and a purple glitter eyeliner pencil. I hope you're still going to post.
I love that blush :). It may be the one I have next door in my room (too lazy to go and check!)
Unknown said…
beautiful color! i will definitely have to try this! great post!

VampiressDoll said…
I have this blush too and love it and the smell is gorgeous! x
Unknown said…
It looks so pretty in the swatches. I might have a look at this one next time I check out Boots! ♥
Laiqah said…
Looks so pretty... Must get my hands on it NOW!
Unknown said…
i never considered Bonjour but i might just after tis post.
Tali said…
I like the look of it!! However i find these blushes streak on my cheeks! :( xx
Anonymous said…
This is one of my old time favourite Bourjois Blushes. You gotta try #16 and #12. I think they'd look pretty on your skin too!
Matea said…
I love these sister for some reason get a weird rash on her cheeks from these though..I have never had that problem..
luckymirai said…
thanks for sharing..taking note and will check it out this weekend xx
Barbie said…
What a great color! Love it!

Thanks for the swatches!
Tass said…
My first ever blusher was Bourjois as I was drawn to the pretty round pots and the dinky brush. The shade was cendre de rose brune and I loved it :)
Maria J. said…
Hello! I have this blush too but mines drys out so quickly I mean, tha the pigmentatio is in lower quality than when i bought Waht Waould I can do? (sorry for my english, I'm not english speaker, I'm Spanish)
Anonymous said…

Ciao ciao from Rome

It looks similar to the new Bella Bamba blusher from Benefit, so am going to compare swatches when the Benefit blusher goes on sale. I've never paid much attention to their blushers but this looks so beauitiful! x
Chiara. said…
Great post! : ) ...And really nice blog! That's why I subscribe!

Excuse me for my english, but i'm italian!
Laura Holt said…
I use this blush all the time! I love it :)

Check out my blog giveaway, you can win 5 MAC Lipsticks! Whatever colours you like! :) xx

Muhsine Emin said…
@Catanya it's not owned by chanel, they were or are sister companys, they used to have the products manufactured in the same factory but not anymore, but there is a lot of similarity in the quality. x

@Vadilucia Hey, I'm not going to post my new years look as I didnt have time for photos, I just used macs reflects antique bronze pigment, nothing special. x

@sweetmouse24 Oh no that's awful, I'm usually sensitive to everything but that has been fine luckily.

@Cassandra scrape a layer off. x
aquamillie said…
What brush do you guys use with tbis? I have 3 pots and find it hard to get good colour. i will try scraping off the top layer thing as well.
aquamillie said…
I am definitely going to scrape off a layer but I have always had problems picking up colour. I have tried different brushes to no avail. What kind of brush do you use? And how do you make it stay on longer than an hour?

Colours are gorgeous and given I bought 3 for $5 (Australian) each they were a massive bargain!
Unknown said…
I love Bourjois blushes. I've got quite dark skin and 'Santal' is perfect for me.
Manuki said…
i love pinks!! i will look for it!
sunbeam said…
I love this shade!
Al said…
it's really pretty !
It's a nice colour, i own one. Big fan of Bourjois! xxx
MaquiLab said…
It's the greatest shade in the universe, but it has too much sparkle for me, sadly... If only they could do a matte version.

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